Its Raining Dogs! Woman Says a Hawk Dropped a Puppy From the Sky

The Puppy That Fell From the Sky

Now you would never think of it literally raining cats and dogs. But for one woman, it did minus the cats, and the plural on the dogs. It was just one dog – one adorable little puppy. A puppy that according to her – fell from the sky.  What happened?

47-year-old Elaine Bouschard was on her property in Los Banos, California when the puppy allegedly fell from the sky. She claims he had been in the dropped by hawk who had snatched the pup from somewhere. And she has an idea why. “He’s a wiggleworm,” she said. “He’s a strong, little bulldozer.”

Ms. Bouschard intends to make a home for the little puppy. “When God drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it,” she said. “It was the coolest thing in the world.” The puppy will join the cats, dogs and horses that she houses on her property.  “I just want the puppy to be safe, ” she said. As for what she intends to call him?  “I’m going to name him Heavenly.”

Image: KSee24

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