It's A Fiesta! 14 Adorable Pets Get Into the Spirit of Cinco de Mayo!


This weekend is a time to celebrate — Cinco de Mayo (meaning “fifth of may“) is a big celebration in the United States and parts of Mexico. It’s an observed holiday to mark the celebration of Mexican heritage and pride and also to serve memorial to the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War.

A day to call special attention to all things amazing about the Mexican culture — their food, music and of course the signature sombrero. Never do you see more people sporting them then during the weekend of Cinco de Mayo and even our pets love to get into the spirit.

Click through to see how 14 dogs and cats get into the spirit of Cinco De Mayo!:

  • Getting Their Party On 1 of 14
    Getting Their Party On
    You can tell this party is going to be AMAZING.
    Get your own from: Pampered Whiskers
  • Where Is Everyone? 2 of 14
    Where Is Everyone?
    This little guy seems sad no one else is partying.
    Get your own from: littlecherylcrochet on Etsy
  • Being Shy 3 of 14
    Being Shy
    He didn't realize they were asked to bring their BIG hats.
    Get your own from: glennisphotos on Etsy
  • Is It Time? 4 of 14
    Is It Time?
    He was counting the days to the fiesta!
    Photo credit: Cute Dog In Funny Hat from Shutterstock
  • Is That Taco? 5 of 14
    Is That Taco?
    Even our cats love fish tacos!
    Get your own from: PamperedWhiskers on Etsy
  • It’s Finally Here 6 of 14
    It's Finally Here
    He's been waiting all year for this day!
    Photo credit: Chihuahua Wearing Poncho from Shutterstock
  • I Am So Excited 7 of 14
    I Am So Excited
    He never wants this party to end!
    Get your own from: ToScarboroughFair on Etsy
  • Life of the Party 8 of 14
    Life of the Party
    He is all dressed up and ready to par-tay!
    Get your own from: PamperedWhiskers on Etsy
  • Full Costume 9 of 14
    Full Costume
    This little guy got serious and dressed right up.
    Photo credit: A Tiny Chihuahua from Shutterstock
  • Time For Some ZZZ’s 10 of 14
    Time For Some ZZZ's
    He's had so much fun he's ready for a nap.
    Get your own from: PamperedWhiskers on Etsy
  • Look At It All 11 of 14
    Look At It All
    He can't stop staring at all the people out to celebrate.
    Get your own from: ToScarboroughFair on Etsy
  • Can I Play? 12 of 14
    Can I Play?
    Cute pup wants in on the festivities.
    Get your own from: PamperedWhiskers on Etsy
  • What Am I Celebrating Again? 13 of 14
    What Am I Celebrating Again?
    He is still not sure what to make of his awesome hat.
    Photo credit: | El Caganer on Flickr
  • Baby Wants In On The Fun 14 of 14
    Baby Wants In On The Fun
    Even our youngest like to party
    Photo credit: Kitten With Sombrero from Shutterstock

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Photo credit:  Kitten With Sombrero from Shutterstock