Jedi Kitten Uses the Force [Video]


Jedi Kitten Uses the Force [Video]I’m about to drop a real hard truth for you all — I don’t care for Star Wars.


I have never really cared for the storyline and truth be told, I am a Star Trek fan and well, us star fans can’t seem to cordially interact with each other. My son though is a huge fan of Star Wars at his bright age of 7-years old. He has his favorite characters, has seen the movies (minus the third one) many times and has been practicing using the Force for a while.

I came across this YouTube video that makes the whole Star Wars thing actually entertaining — since it’s starring a cat. He has a good grasp on using the Force and the video is quite adorable.

Take a look at this kitten who has a good grip on using his Jedi powers and the Force to his benefit:

Photo: modified screenshot from FinalCutKing /YouTube
Video source:  FinalCutKing/YouTube 

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