Just Another Cat Meme: The Daily Jax

I’m not gonna lie: I’m in love with my cat.

We adopted him just two months ago and he’s just wormed his way into our hearts and home in a big way. We initially decided to get a kitten, but after some contemplation we decided to help a friend with a stray they were feeding, and Sir Jax came into our home. He made fast work of a few mice we were struggling with, conned my daughter into playing with him, and is now my constant companion while I work.

As a typical social media junkie I started posting Instagram shots of Jax, and others fell in love with his odd, elegant face, slightly pissed off expression, weird poof of hair on his back that’s twice a long as the rest, and his lack of tail.

Then I discovered the Over app, and boom: another cat meme was born because it was super easy to put text over the photos. Although unlike most memes where the same photo is used over and over with different captions, I actually take a new photo almost every day.

Jax finds this mildly annoying. But, in an act of utter Babble meta-ness, here are my Jax photos so far. I hope you like him as much as I do.

  • The First Jax 1 of 16
    The First Jax
    When I discovered the Over app, this was the first photo I tried. Yes, I was struck with the same disease that hits most of us that live on the interwebs: my own meme.
  • Your Tech Sucks 2 of 16
    Your Tech Sucks
    Jax was totally judging my phone.
  • Philosophical Jax 3 of 16
    Philosophical Jax
    Yeah, sometimes he gets a bit too verbose.
  • Jax is judgmental 4 of 16
    Jax is judgmental
    And he thinks you are very, very dull. Ah, cats.
  • Jax Loves Boobs 5 of 16
    Jax Loves Boobs
    Even when he's content and purring he wears that face.
  • Playtime 6 of 16
    Jax is a very, very fierce player. He's also a good mouser but since we're fresh out of mice, he makes do with this little blue toy I got for $1.
  • Let Him Out! 7 of 16
    Let Him Out!
    Jax ran away the first week, but it turns out he just likes being in the yard. Because there might be mice out there.
  • Fussy 8 of 16
    He's particular about the way you pet him. As in, if you're not petting him it's not okay.
  • XBox 9 of 16
    Jax is very intrigued by the controller. But he's sure if he had thumbs he would kick your ass.
  • Enough Photos 10 of 16
    Enough Photos
    Jax gets a bit tired of the phone in his face. I can tell cause he makes this face.
  • Toy Not Tempting 11 of 16
    Toy Not Tempting
    We stuffed it with catnip and hung it from the ceiling to try to make him happy when he wouldn't go out in the rain. Um, no.
  • Mondays 12 of 16
    Jax hates them.
  • It’s Not Just For Cats 13 of 16
    It's Not Just For Cats
    We also have a dog. Jax does not approve.
  • Cannie the Belle 14 of 16
    Cannie the Belle
    She doesn't escape the meme thing either. Loved that I caught this one.
  • Tori’s Jax 15 of 16
    Tori's Jax
    My daughter is very into the meme. She processed and captioned this photo (she's six!).
  • Best Jax Ever 16 of 16
    Best Jax Ever
    Jax is totally secure in his manhood and rocks the princess bed.

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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