Just Taking A Break: 10 Weird, Yet Interesting Photos of Dogs Sitting


When I was growing up we had a dog or two and one in particular I thought was kind of strange. His name was Spotter — cleaver name for a Dalmatian, I was young when he became a part of our family. I have been told that this breed of dog is particularly smart (makes sense, they are fire dogs after all) and Spotter lived up to that theory.

I am convinced he thought he was a human (as I think most dogs assume), and he knew his birth order too. He would play rougher with my younger brother and sister because in his eyes he was the third child in the family. He seemed to abide by the idea that myself and my older brother were able to ‘boss’ him around a bit more.

Dogs have a fun personality and I think what makes them most fun is their assumption that they are human. Cats know they are cats (and they believe cats are far superior), but dogs treat themselves as a real, true member of the family. It’s totally evident by some of the things they do — like the way you may find some pups sitting around.

Click through to see 10 weird photos of dogs sitting weird:

  • What Are You Looking At? 1 of 10
    What Are You Looking At?
    You act like you've never seen a dog sit like this before.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Just Need A Break 2 of 10
    Just Need A Break
    I think normally dogs curl up on their beds and take a nap.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Favorite TV Show 3 of 10
    Favorite TV Show
    I had to take a second look, this dog looks like he could be a person in costume.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • I Want Out 4 of 10
    I Want Out
    I don't think I have ever seen anything so sad.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Sorry, What Did You Say 5 of 10
    Sorry, What Did You Say
    There is something about a dog sitting like a human that really helps you believe they are totally listening.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • You Look Great Today 6 of 10
    You Look Great Today
    He's just chilling on the couch and turns to tell you you look nice. Totally human-like
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Nap Time 7 of 10
    Nap Time
    He uses a pillow and everything. Now, he just need a blanket.
    Photo credit: Svadilfari on Flickr
  • I Am Awesome 8 of 10
    I Am Awesome
    Yes, yes you are dog.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • I Will Just Wait Here 9 of 10
    I Will Just Wait Here
    He looks like he just decided to take a seat and wait for his walking partner.
    Photo credit: booizzy on Flickr
  • Cracker! 10 of 10
    He looks so terribly sad, I think he's trying nto use the force to get the cracker.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur

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