Kitten Scares Mama Cat [Video]


kittenOne thing that’s so awesome about cats and kittens is they are so playful. Now that we only have one cat, I no longer get to see the fun playful nature that goes on between two cats which is always so fun. It’s still great to see Ariel play and get into trouble by herself, but there is something funny when cats do it to each other.

I’ve been around cats all my life and one of the funniest things between the adorable animals is the way they like to sneak up and attack each other. Not only that, but also the way cats react every time they’re caught off guard. Their hair stands straight up and they jump straight up into the air and you can just tell.

I came across an adorable video uploaded by YouTube user DrNworb that shows the cute playful nature of a kitten and his fun-loving mom who was not expecting it.

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Photo credit: screenshot DrNworb /YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard YouTube License

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