Kitten Trapped In Glue Rescued

Poor Ace.

This poor little kitten somehow managed to become completely stuck in glue in a parking garage in Salem, Oregon. By the time he was spotted, he’d squirmed around in the glue to the point of complete immobility.

The woman who spotted the kitten (amazingly, in a corner of a parking garage!) called the fire department and they came to the rescue and managed to cut the kitten free, but WITH the glue still attached.

Apparently the local Ace Hardware store was extremely helpful in trying to find a solvent to get the glue off the kitten so much so that they’ve named the kitten Ace. But it turned out there wasn’t a solvent that was safe (kittens are extremely vulnerable to chemicals that’s why you can’t use flea spray on kittens, even the kind safe for cats) so the amazing staff at Willamette Valley Animal Hospital  spent TEN HOURS plucking out the glue, hair by hair.

Good work, Dr. Laura Magruder!

The kitty is doing fine now and already has a home waiting. Good luck, Ace!


Video below.

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