Kitty Takes in Baby Chicks (VIDEO)

Kitty Takes In Baby Chicks (VIDEO) via Babble
Over a dozen baby chicks snuggle up with this cool kitty.

Of all things in the animal kingdom, one of the most unlikely couplings has to be cats and birds. Most cats are naturally predatory when it comes to their interaction with birds.

When I was a child, one of our cats thought it was a gift to us when she would run out in the yard, capture an innocent sparrow and bring back its dead body. She was proud of herself and we were horrified.

But we knew why she was doing it and tried our best to ever let her roam around outside soon after.

So watching this adorable kitten with baby chicks astounded me a bit. I kept waiting for her to grab at one of the baby birds. Instead, she let them snuggle close to her and fall asleep.

The kitty dozed off a few times, too.

Check it out here:


Image: YouTube


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