Labs, Labs, Labs! (Video Compilation)


Labrador retrieversAbout a year or so ago, I wrote a piece entitled “10 Reasons Why Labs Are Awesome“. I admit it- I’m biased. I adore Labs. Everything from their crazy cute personality and need for little grooming to their love of water and their purely affection nature makes them irresistible. My Django is a lab mix who is not only a best friend, but a joy to be around day in and day out. She’s my therapy.

They say that Labs are great family pets and I couldn’t agree more because they are fun-loving but also funny. Lab owners know that they get themselves into some definite hilarious situations, sort of like smaller versions of goofy Marmaduke.

If you love Labs, you will want to check out this compilation video that went live last week and is already on its way to a million views.

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