Lena Dunham Adopts Brooklyn Shelter Pup

Lena Dunham Adopts Brooklyn Shelter Pup
Lena rescued a Brooklyn pup from the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition last week.

Well, it’s been an incredible week for Girls star Lena Dunham. She took home two Golden Globes on Sunday night for her hit TV series. While she was accepting the awards, the premiere of the second season of Girls was airing on HBO, and got great reviews and a large audience.

But, as an animal lover, I’ve got to say that one of the best things in Dunham’s past week had nothing to do with anything in acting or television. It had everything to do with one cute little pooch named Lamby.

Last week, before the Golden Globe gala, Dunham visited the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, and left with a new best friend.

Here’s her announcement on Twitter:

“And because no day is stressful enough on its own, meet Lamby Dunham. He comes from BARC (@barcanimals) and @lauriesimmons and I sprung him this afternoon.”

Here is Dunham’s first photo of her new baby, Lamby, one very lucky (and pretty adorable) dog!


 Lena Dunham Adopts Brooklyn Shelter Pup via Babble
Lena and Lamby


Image: Twitter


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