Look, Dogs Have Tantrums Too [Video]


Look, Dog's Have Tantrums Too [Video]If you’re a parent, surely you’ve seen first-hand what happens when you try to get your toddler to do something they don’t want to do. It starts with them pretending they didn’t hear you. As you continue to ask, they continue to ignore until they can’t anymore. That’s when you get the crying and the complaining and sometimes, the full-out screams.

Eventually, you get them to listen to you as the power struggle goes down. It’s not a fun part of parenting, but my experience is that it doesn’t seem to last too long.

When it comes to pets, many people treat their dogs as their children. As someone who doesn’t describe themselves as a dog person, I admit I don’t really understand that. Then, I see videos like this one posted by Bemyromance and well, it becomes a little more clear.

Photo credit: screenshot Bemyromance /YouTube

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