Love Dubstep Music? So Does This Bird [Video]


Love Dubstep Music? So Does This Bird [Video]Music is a big part of my life.  The spontaneous dance parties with the kids that can pop up, the way it can lighten any mood and relax spazzed nerves — it can change a day.

One genre of music I am really loving right now is dubstep. I’ve loved it for a few years now and the bass pattern is like no other, but so amazing.

This bird here is a huge fan of dubstep as well. According to Rainykauke on YouTube, the bird Harvey had no ever heard the music before, but that didn’t stop him. He puts on a great dubstep rendition all on his own thanks to his human-friend beat-boxing around the house.

Take a look at this adorable bird singing dubstep music:

Photo: modified screenshot from Rainykauke /YouTube
Video source:  Rainykauke/YouTube 

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