'Lullaby and Good Night Sure Does Work on This Tired Chihuahua


 'Lullaby and Good Night' Sure Does Work on This Tired ChihuahuaHave you ever been scrolling through a pet website when you notice a cat or dog that looks just like yours? I did that just the other day when a tan Chihuahua caught my eye. The dog in question looks so much like my Hayley, they might just be siblings.

From her soft beige fur to her black little nose, this Chihuahua was a dead ringer for ‘Hales’.

In addition to looks, these two cute pups fall sleep in the very same manner. Their eyes get heavy and they start the blink close…the steady blink as they desperately try to keep their eyes open.

The dog in the video below is being sung to sleep and it looks like this pup lullaby is working magic.

Check out the video here:

Image: YouTube


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