Mama Dog Rescues Her 5 Newborn Pups From Burning Building…By Herself!

Mama Dog Rescues Her 5 Newborn Pups From Burning Building…By Herself!
Hero mama, Amanda

Talk about mama love! There is nothing, and I mean nothing in the world stronger than a mama’s love for her babies. We see it everyday in the animal and human kingdom.

Here is one prime example that will melt your heart.

Amanda, a German Shepherd mix, gave birth to a litter of puppies just ten days before the building she and her pups lived in became engulfed in flames.

And when she realized the danger, she took matters into her own paws.

Amanda rescued her puppies one by one from the burning building. Upon the rescue of each pup, she left them in the safest spot she could and placed them individually on a fire truck before going back into the house to get another.

Four out of the five puppies survived but sadly one puppy succumbed from severe burns. The fire has been reported as starting when a car bomb went off in front of a home in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile.

Once the puppies were out of the building, Amanda jumped in the fire trucks and guarded them. She and her pups were taken to a local vet and Amanda remained very protective of her babies.

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