Man Bites Dog: No, Literally. Maxx the Police Dog Bitten By Suspect

Poor Maxx's Ear!

Poor Maxx! While trying to apprehend suspect Travis Keith Glapsie in Wilmington, North Carolina, the suspect did the unthinkable and bit through Maxx’s ear so hard that Maxx had to be put under to get stitches.

The whole story reads like a joke, but as you can see from the photo, Maxx does NOT think it’s funny.

Luckily, Maxx apparently bites back, and the suspect was treated at a hospital for dog bites. The suspect was wanted for multiple crimes including shooting at a car and leading police on a high speed chase.

I guess he really wanted to stay out of jail.

Maxx is expected to make a full recovery. The suspect was additionally charged with “assaulting a law enforcement animal,” and his bail was set at over a million dollars.

Find more photos here. Wishing you speedy healing, Maxx!


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