Man Builds Towering House Of Boxes To Apologize To Cat

Man Builds Towering House Of Boxes To Apologize To Cat via Babble
Perhaps Rufus thinks the ear infection was worth it after all.

Have you ever had to perform a medical treatment on your pet which makes him a little afraid of you? My black Lab, Django, has really dirty ears that require regular cleaning. Our vet showed me how to carefully clean them and put a drop or two of a gel-like solution that keep them clean longer while also helping prevent infection.

This is a regular chore I must do because if I skip it for a few weeks, you can smell her ears a mile away. And she absolutely hates it!

So much so, that the minute I grab the Q-tips (sometimes sneakily), she will take off and try to hide. It’s the only time when I call her that she won’t come. Eventually, she’ll come around and reluctantly succumb to the process, which only takes a minute or two.

I feel bad for forcing her to endure an uncomfortable procedure but I know it needs to be done to prevent further irritation. Raising a dog or cat, like just raising a child, sometimes requires you to do things which hurt your kids (furry or human) for their own good, like at vaccination time.

One man felt so guilty for having to give his cat medicine that he did his best to make it up to her by building a house of boxes!

Like my dog, Django, Billy Browne’s cat Rufus had a tendency toward bad ears, so Billy had to give Rufus ear drops to cure an recent infection. However, after the treatment was over and the ears had healed, Rufus still wouldn’t go near Billy when he came home from work. So Billy created a house of boxes (Rufus’ favorite toy) as an act of apology.

See the guilt-induced house here:

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your pet when she was sick?

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