Marine Raises $4,000 To Bring Home Stray Dog From Afghanistan

Image Credit: Shaun Duling

Former Marine Shaun Duling is a dog lover, so it wasn’t a surprise when he developed a bond with one of the many stray dogs hanging around while stationed with the German Army in Afghanistan. While shy at first, Bolt quickly befriended Shaun Duling, following him everywhere and the two became “nearly unseperable.

That changed with less well behaved dogs on the base led the base commander to order all dogs taken off the base to a town ten miles away. On the return trip, the soldiers realized Bolt had run behind the convoy the whole way back nearly ten miles.

It was then that Shaun Duling knew he had to get the dog home with him. Luckily, by raising almost $4,000 and with the help of Nowzad Rescue, Bolt is coming home.

Video after the jump.

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