Meet Colonel Meow: The Angriest Cat In the World

Meet Colonel Meow. You piss him off. Image Credit: Facebook/ColonelMeow

This here is Colonel Meow. He’s the angriest cat online. He’s also one of the lucky kitties that has gone from abandoned to internet sensation thanks to his incredibly amusing expressions and unusual fur coat.

Seriously, look at that fur.

According to his bio on Facebook:

“I’m a Cat. I have the unfortunate ability to sh** in my fur. Sometimes when I’m scared I open my eyes really wide and then fall asleep. I like to go on walks with my leash, but when that gets hard I sit down. I like my friend Boots, a stupid golden retriever who never know when I’m sneaking up. My favorite thing to do is eat.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan.

Colonel Meow is not only a star of Facebook, he’s also a user. Check him out updating his facebook page in this video. Heh.

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