Meet Ginny, The First Mining Rescue Dog


While there have been search-and-rescue dogs for many years, Dutch Shepard Ginny is the first ever service dog trained specifically for rescue in mine disasters.

According to the Alpha Mine Rescue Dog website, Ginny not only has special training but special equipment.

When she works, she wears a customized, protective vest that protects her from possible wounds and lacerations. The vest is also rigged with an infra-red camera that “sends back” images to her handler, relaying important, life-saving information about inaccessible areas or before mine rescue teams are deployed into potentially unstable environments. Ginny also wears a gas detector that makes an audible sound when she has entered into a dangerous atmosphere. She has been trained to react to the alarm and immediately retreat from dangerous atmospheres.

You can learn more about Ginny in the video below!

“Ginny – The Mine Rescue Dog” from Starscape Media on Vimeo.

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