Meet Kitten Nikita As She Explores Her World [Video]


kittenI absolutely love having a new kitten in the house. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a tiny one who loves to get into all sorts of trouble. Gmork is doing just that and expelling more energy than I ever thought possible as he takes in all his new surroundings and explores all the corners and high places of the house.

There is something almost therapeutic for me when it comes to watching him play. He has such fun adventure in his eyes and it’s hard not to smile even when he’s tearing apart something you’d rather he didn’t. Kittens are magic and watching them play has a magical quality that really can brighten your day.

If you’re needing some happy, and who doesn’t on a Monday, you have to watch this adorable and cute video uploaded by YouTube user Krzysztof Smejlis of a beautiful kitten named Nikita. We get to watch her explore her surroundings and take in all the adventures of her new, exciting world.

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Photo credit: screenshot Krzysztof Smejlis on YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard license

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