Meet Merlin: The Cat With the Loudest Purr [Video]


Meet Merlin: The Cat With the Loudest Purr [Video]One of the biggest things I miss since losing Puff about a week ago is the sound of his purr. It was my favorite thing to have him perched on my chest after a long day and scratch his ears. The purr sound would turn any bad day into a relaxing moment as we cuddled and relieved stress.

Today, I came across a video on YouTube uploaded by jonmillsswns which features a story on a cat named Merlin and his owner Tracy. Apparently Merlin is the world’s loudest purr — coming in at 100 decibels, the average cat purrs at 25 decibels.

Check out this video of Merlin, the cat with the loudest purr and hear for yourself:


Photo: modified screenshot from jonmillsswns /YouTube
Video source:  jonmillsswns/YouTube 

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