Monkey in Tampa Bay Area Outsmarts Officials and Maintains Facebook Page


Monkey In Tampa Bay Area Outsmarts Officials and Maintains Facebook Page


Yep, you read that correctly, the monkey has a Facebook Page.  And it has almost 85,000 followers, including all sorts of famous talk show hosts.  I am totally less popular than a monkey.  Perhaps we’ll just move on and I’ll tell you about this amazing rebel monkey who officials are more anxious than ever to catch now that he has he recently attacked and bitten a woman.

This 40-pound Rhesus macaque monkey has been flitting around the Tampa Bay area for the last few years.  No one is 100 percent sure how he got there or from where he came.  He has been shot by officials on more than one occasion by tranquilizer darts, but to no avail.  No one seems to be able to trap or catch the “Mystery Monkey” as he is called.  If you want to read what this monkey has been up to and get the opinions of the residence in the area, click here and here.

Bottom line – officials want everyone to remember that no matter how friendly and cute and familiar this (or any other) monkey may seem, he is a wild animal who can carry diseases and be dangerous and you should avoid contact with him.

Since we can’t head off to Florida to catch a glimpse of the Mystery Monkey, check out this hysterical video created by Mystery’s supporters who want to see him continue to live free in the wild.  There’s even a song that goes with it!!

Video via YouTube 

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