More Dogs Getting High (and Sick) In States Where Marijuana Is Legal

More Dogs Getting High (and Sick) In States Where Marijuana Is Legal via Babble
Marijuana laced food products are making more dogs sick.

Who would have thought that a result of making medical marijuana legal would affect the canine population?

It seems that is exactly what is happening as more and more dogs are becoming sick from ingesting marijuana in states where its medical form has become legalized.

The NY Daily News reports that Colorado has seen a mass increase in the harmful ingestion of marijuana by dogs. This can be a deadly process and often occurs when dogs eat a marijuana-laced food product.

While in many cases, dogs will feel sick for a day or so, vets have seen dogs die from it.

Veterinarian Dr. Debbie Van Pelt, who works at the Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Englewood, Colorado, says she has witnessed the increase on the rise:

“There are huge spikes in the frequency of marijuana ingestion [among pets] in places where it’s become legal. When dogs get into their owner’s stash, they can get sick, staggering and vomiting. They basically [lose] a lot of their fine motor control, they have a wide-based stance and they are not sure on their feet.”

Veterinarians warn owners to keep medial marijuana out of your dog’s reach as you would any other drug, especially when it is contained in food, which dogs will be more inclined to eat.

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