Most Expensive Dog Toy Ever: An iPhone (Video)


Once in my foolish youth I was fostering a puppy and didn’t have a crate, so I confined the dog to the bathroom thinking it would eliminate her ability to destroy things.

I discovered I was very, very wrong when I came home and found both pairs of my eye glasses twisted bits of plastic and glass.

But even that doesn’t come close to the way this dog owner must have felt after watching this video.

His dog had been making strange noises while he showered, so he decided to set up a camera to see what the dog did. In the process, he accidentally left his barely-a-month-old iPhone on the bed.

Big, big mistake.

Watch the video and feel his pain!

(Note: there’s an odd moment when his wife moons the camera, but it’s been blurred out. Just wanted to warn ya.)

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