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Most Popular Dog Breeds 2012

By Danielle Sullivan |

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This sleeping cutie Dachshund is not worried about being popular, but did he make the list?

As I mentioned yesterday when I introduced my pets, all of my furry children are rescues and adoptions. When I went to North Shore Animal League to pick out our last puppy, I did have a type in mind that I wanted, a black lab. Labs are wonderful and loving pet for families, but the real reason I wanted a black lab was because our previous dog, Roxy, passed away about a year before that. She was a black lab/shepherd mix and I adored her. I think in some ways, I was trying to bring her back to us which is, of course, impossible. Nevertheless, I will always have a deep fondness for black lab type.

Labs have been one of the most popular dogs for families for years because of their sweet nature and intelligence, and they are just one of the breeds that have stayed popular over the years. The 2012 list of the most popular dogs is composed of a nice combination of breeds, but some of them might surprise you.

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Most Popular Dog Breeds 2012

10. Boxer

Known as being a little headstrong, Boxers might require some obedience training for the novice owner, but their energetic and playful personality helps them be a great pet for children. They are active and strong dogs, but need to be kept busy because if they get bored, they will chew and dig.
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What is your favorite breed?

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25 thoughts on “Most Popular Dog Breeds 2012

  1. Michelle says:

    Awww… I love my long haired miniature doxies! They are so sweet and cuddly!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I have a miniture Dachshund, he is all black, maybe getting close to 5lbs since he’s getting older, but he is very lovable and we have had him since he was 9 weeks old. He is one of our children, we named him Mad Max, Max for short… He has a personality that I’ve never seen in a dog, he loves to play with our children and he sings with us… We love our little Max, he is 6 years old…

  3. Rachel says:

    We have a little black and tan short haired miniature sausage dog too. Definitely the best dog :)

  4. NoneofyobidnessHaha says:

    I have a labrador retriever that is the sweetest thing ever:) Labs were ranked most popular dog in 2011 :D Definently the bestest dog ever!! Little dogs are okay but can be anoying…

  5. BJ says:

    I have a bit of a pit bull addiction & have yet to find a 12 step program, so I’d say pits are my #1 choice. But because “Pit Bull” isn’t actually a breed, just a group of similar mixed breeds I guess it makes sense that my 2nd favorite breed (lol or not) are Mutts. Gotta love mutts… they have a bit of the best of several breeds all rolled into one! LOL or as some like to call them “designer dogs” (I work in animal rescue so call ‘em whatever you want if especially if it helps them get into loving homes). Years ago we met & fell in love with our now 6yr old French Bulldog & Shi Tzu (made the list!) mix *was a breeders “oops litter”. So our designer pup is a ‘BS’ breed OR as our children say a ‘BuShi’ dog ; ) We also have a few pits & they all bring a lot of laughter into our home.
    Over the past few years we’ve fostered all kinds of dogs & all have had wonderful qualities & quirky funny personalities. I love that we’ve been able to get to know so many breeds. Because of this I absolutely believe that no breed is superior to others. So when you hear a certain breed is “the best” you know they’ve found a near perfect match (good for the people AND the dog).

    LOL and since I’ve written so much I might as well add that I LOVED reading that the author was looking at a shelter & even more that she was looking for black lab! *Ours passed 2 yrs ago & we still miss her too. They’re such great dogs but sadly get over looked (b/c of their color). I hope readers will be inspired to take a 2nd *better* look at these sweet dogs needing homes and I wish her the best in finding a new furry soul mate <3

  6. Rosanna Marie. says:


  7. DOROTHY says:

    I love Westies they are so full of life and fun, they are also loyal, and freindly. Westies are also good for people who have allergies as they do not have fur they have hair,

  8. Penny Mockabee says:

    I can not believe you don’t have a Beagle represented anywhere. They are great family pets. They are wonderful pets, and I’m not so sure your information is correct.

  9. Anne says:

    We have most of the breeds you’ve listed in your large and small dogs. One Bernese Mountain Dog who is shy, but a great watch dog and he gets along well with our 4 Pugs, 3 fawn, 1 black a DFW Pug Rescue (great group of people), a Shih Tzu and a Shih Tzu mix which I believe the other half is a Maltese as he is very feisty and very possessive of his toys. We love them all.

  10. finker says:

    For me Brittanys are the best

  11. Maya says:

    I have a golden retriever Jenny. She is 4 now and simply an awesome friend for life…Cannot put it in words what she means to me…Got a tibetian mastif mix recently but…Jenny still is my first baby!!

  12. Maya says:

    I have a Golden Retriever “Jenny”She is 4 and simply adourable and so so loving. An awesome friend for life. Recently got a Tibetian Mastif mix “Zorro” but Jenny still is my first baby!!

  13. steve deitz says:

    Got a 3 yr old english mastiff last yr. We have had Roxy for a year now and she is very protective but the most loving dog you could imagine with us. She has to be right at your side…She takes a while to get used to kids and older strangers but is a great watch dog for us….It was my first dog and now I wish I had gotton one a long time ago…..I have become a great dog lover now, which has to be a good thing….

  14. Lynn says:

    I have had a wonderful Collie, Border Collie and 4 awesome rescue Brittany’s throughout my long life. While I love Brittany dogs, especially if they are redheads like me, I think I’d like to try Labs or Pyrenees or an Elk/Deer Hound. No puppies, just older dogs in need of companionship, love and a good mom to spoil ‘em rotten.

  15. Eric says:

    I have a German Short Haired Pointer and a Dalmatian puppy. They are both great together. Check out this video of them playing in a canal, it’s funny. The dalmatian didn’t mean to get wet, he just kind of slips in

    Here’s one of them playing tug of war when the dalmatian was only 10 weeks old…

  16. Judi says:

    In our neighbohood Pit Bulls & Pit Mixes Must Be #1 as I have Rescued and fostered too many; our local shelters are over-flowing with them now that they have been taken OFF the list of “Dangerous” dogs. Now at least they have a chance for adoption, not just euthanisation.

  17. carol says:

    I love pit mixes,pit bulls but esp. i love the mix that you can find at a Rescue shelter!!! My daughter and i have three that we rescued and the lastest that we rescued was dumped out or throwed out. my daughter found him last dec. in the cold outside her work place and the were going to shoot him so she brought him home.He had hardly any muscle mass left and it was pathetic!! so, i we took him to our vet and worm him and got his shot and then brought him home. theother three little dogs welcomed him. i fed him a tabls. of puppy canned food every three hours!! in two weeks, he had went from under 7 lbs. to putting on 11 lbs. now, he has kept his 18 lbs. and is quite spoiled!! heck, they all are spoiled!!! adopt or rescue, the only way to go. i would love to have a chocolate lab but until i can rescue one, ill keep on looking.they are wonderful dogs and great with kids!! dogs inheirit our personalities!!! RESCUE, you wont be sorry!!!!!! Great friends.

  18. skyrey says:

    have 3 dogs all rescued 1 from pound in TX she is red/white Aussie named her Sweetie 1 was dumped took her in named her cue t she is Jack Russel mix lap puppy she is Black Brown an white with a curled tail over hip last 1 was gave to me she is a American Eskimo they were going to shoot her just because they would not take time to train an take interest in her got her at 8 mo no shots not even fixed was that a close call at 8mo anytime could have came in to heat not any are favorite love them all [[ some say i spoil them]] nay just treat them right

  19. Josh O. says:

    I grew up with Brittanys. When I was out on my own and it was time to get a dog, there was no other choice. Theyre not for everyone as they require a lot of exercise and prefer a lot of space to run, and theyre puppies for about 3 years… But for my lifestyle, Brittanys are it! We have a Springer Spaniel too, and Id like a Lab someday, but Ill always have a Brittany.

  20. Al Godinez says:

    Our puppies of choice are Chihuahuas! Our first baby,since passed away,was Cisco Kid.We waited 9 years before we opened our hearts and adopted 2 more Chihuahuas,Bono and Eva.Eva has since passed away.We then adopted a sister for Bono,a lovely female Rat Terrier we named Sadee.

  21. Rowdy says:

    Australian Shepard My dog should come to your kitchen, and check him out . His name is Rowdy 1/12 year old

  22. Sondi Brown says:

    I think mini Schnauzers are the best, and most loving and devoted dogs. I’ve had a couple different breeds of dogs over the years and now have an 8 year old black miniature Schnauzer with a bit of a red beard. She is the GREATEST!! She’s loving, was easy to train, smart, devoted, obedient, and loves to snuggle. She can jump thru a hula hoop held way up high and “sits pretty” and “rolls over” on command. Heeling isn’t her best attribute, but she has so much WORLD to see I kind of understand. She also loves to get loose and run. I need to walk her more often because I notice when we do go for a walk – she is taking me because she is so excited about getting out to see and smell the world!! =_)

  23. connie says:

    Carin Terrier are such adorable, happy dogs<3

  24. Greita says:

    The best breed is Rescued!

  25. Rachel Lynn H. says:

    The best dog breed? This is sooooo hard to choose because there are so many cute dogs out there. I can’t choose! Coton De Tulear, Havanese, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Italian Volpino, Saluki, Afghan Hound and American Eskimo Dogs are ALL adorable! So are Norwich Terriers and Norfolk Terriers! And the Parson Jack Russell Terriers are cute! So are Mi-Kis and Kooikerhondjes! I mean, really, there are even cute mixed breeds! Like Pomeranian/Chihuahua mixes (Pomchis) and my Morkie-poo Mandy (a.k.a. “Amanda Chanel”). I know there are dog breeds I haven’t mentioned, I apologize to those cuties.

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