'My Dog Magazine' Predicts 10 New Popular Names for Dogs in 2012 (Hint: Celebrities!)


10 New Popular Names for Dogs in 2012 Here is a confession for you all, a little bit of admittance: I hate when pets have ‘pet-typical’ names and much prefer to hear they have real people-type names.

My cats, Puppy and Ming-Ming don’t really have that, but you’ve got to cut me some slack — I named them when I was 15-years old (side note: that was half my life ago … gulp). If you’ve read Danielle’s post on the wackiest names for dogs those are the type I am talking about (if you haven’t read it, go read). Most of us consider our pets to be a true and full member of our family — so my thinking is, if I wouldn’t name a kid that, I shouldn’t name a dog that, right?

Anyhoo, most of the names that make the list of the most popular year after year for dog names are the more people-type names with the top 2 being Bella and Max. My Dog Magazine has taken to the predictions and have compiled a list of new names that they are anticipating will become popular this year — and it’s easy to see where they think people will get the inspiration from.

Click through to find out which doggy names Dog Magazine predicts to be popular for 2012:

1. Lady  — inspired by Lady Gaga perhaps?
2. Bieber — if you really have the Bieber Fever
3. Kim — don’t get enough of those Kardashians
4. Perry — this is the only one I have no idea if it’s inspired by a celeb.
5. Obama — politics matter
6. Shakira — popular woman, not a popular name, until now
7. Rhianna — she has been everywhere lately
8. Taylor — perhaps a Twilight fan?
9. Charlie — winning!
10. Kanye — aw, Kim and Kanye!

To see more information on the regular’s that always make the list and where they are in this year’s standing, check out My Dog Magazine

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