Mystery Monkey Update: Tampa Area Monkey Finally Captured (Video)


Mystery Monkey Update: Tampa Area Monkey Finally CaughtA couple weeks ago I told you about a monkey in the Tampa Bay, Florida area that had been eluding authorities for over three years.  “Mystery Monkey,” as he had been dubbed, had become something of a community mascot.  Many people fed him and were glad that Animal Control couldn’t catch him.  People felt Mystery Monkey deserved to be free.

But, authorities were forced to step up their efforts to catch the monkey after he bit one of the area residents.  A few days ago wildlife rescuers were able to catch Mystery (now renamed Cornelius).  Cornelius was not injured in the capture and it is believed that he is in good health, despite being somewhat overweight (thanks to all the snacks from his supporters over the years).

After being quarantined for 30 days at a wildlife compound, Cornelius, if he is disease-free, will likely be taken to a Florida sanctuary that has monkeys so that he can be with others of his kind.  There is some worry that it will be hard for him to integrate after being on his own for so long, but overall, the experts feel that Cornelius will be happier, healthier and safer.

To read the full article in the Tampa Bay Times, click here.  Check out the video, which documents the capture of the “Mystery Monkey.”

Feature Photo is from Mystery Monkey’s Facebook page.

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