Naughty Dog Does NOT Like The Slide (Video)


Naughty Dog Does NOT Like The Slide (Video)We were busy last week getting the yard ready for a poolside celebration. We got a late start this year due to the daily rain we’ve been having so it was a scramble to get the final touches ready before a recent get-together. It seemed to be one mishap after another: the pool filter was shot due to the salt water from Hurricane Sandy (and we hadn’t considered that until we plugged it in), the ice cream cake was not ready when we picked it up and it was melting when it was finally given to us, and the grill… oh what shall I say about the grill? Apparently somewhere between the last time we used it in late fall and the time we opened it up, it seems that a small animal had crawled into it and decided to use it as a potty.

Speaking of potty, another mishap occurred when we took the pool cover off and laid it down on the ground. Our dog decided to do exactly what the naughty dog in this video did. If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out this video entitled, “This dog hates fun.”

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Image: YouTube

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