New Program Provides Food Stamps for Your Pets


New Program Provides Food Stamps for Your PetsWhen someone falls on hard times, it’s comforting to know there are many programs available to help. From finding jobs to getting food, social programs are important and it’s important to help those who are in need of a little assistance.

There is a new program that was just launched that’s run out of New York called Pet Food Stamps (non-profit status still pending) that takes a look at helping our furry friends in need of food as well. The program is available to anyone in the United States and while there is no government assistance, in the 2 weeks they’ve been open the organization has already helped more than 45,000 pets.

A family can apply to be a part of the program through an online application. The program verifies the need for financial assistance for pets and once that’s done, families receive pet food each  month for a 6-month period from a pet food retailer.

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Source: Food Stamps … For Pets?; ABC News

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