New York Aquarium Walruses May Need New Homes (Video)

This walrus looks like he’s trying to help bale out water at the Aquarium

In the wake of Sandy it was announced that The New York Aquarium (in Coney Island) would close indefinitely.  The entire 14-acre facility was left under water by the storm.

 18 staff bravely stayed at the aquarium setting up temporary life-support systems and caring for the marine life at the aquarium.  The staff continues to work to get the water out of the basement and mechanical areas so they can get the permanent filtration and life-support systems back up and running.  But, time is of the essence.  Animals, like the aquarium’s walruses, will have to be moved other aquariums, at least temporarily, if the permanent systems cannot be fixed quickly.

See the video below of one of the aquarium’s newest walruses.  Mitik, an orphan,  had just recently arrived from an aquarium in Alaska.

Video via Today/NBC News

Featured photo credit – iStock Photo

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