Newborn Animals Aren't Always Cute (but they get there eventually!)


baby-kangarooWhen we see baby animals we all go, “Awwwwww!” but the truth is, most newborn critters look a bit like hairless worms.


There are a few baby deer, of course, are born utterly adorable but most animals (including humans!) come out rather half-formed and slightly grisly looking without much in the way of hair, or for that matter, those big eyes we love so much. Most newborn animals have either undeveloped or unopened eyes.

It’s true!

But of course, they do all turn into beautiful babies eventually. Here are some critters in both the newborn and the cute baby state.


Newborn Rabbit 1 of 18
The ears are so small they look a bit like a mouse, don't they?

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Baby Bunny 2 of 18
But just a couple weeks later and the hairless newborn rabbit is this ADORBS BUNNY.

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Newborn Squirrel 3 of 18
Okay, now I see why they call them big rats.

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Baby Squirrel 4 of 18
But DAMN they are cute when they are a bit older, aren't they?

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Newborn Parrot 5 of 18
This featherless wonder is alllllllmost cute. But no.

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Baby Parrot 6 of 18
But when the feathers come in? Awwww.

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Newborn Hedgehog 7 of 18
Um. But baby hedgehogs are the cutest!

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Hedgehog Baby 8 of 18
Ahhhhh. Yes they are.

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Newborn Kitten 9 of 18
Okay. Pretty damn cute.

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Two Week Old Kittens 10 of 18

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Black-Footed Ferrets Newborn 11 of 18
Okay, these are adorable.

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Newborn...Panda? 12 of 18
Yep. That's what they look like at first.

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Baby Panda 13 of 18
But, then, when their coat comes in I DIE.

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Newborn Fox 14 of 18
From here on in, it's just all cuteness, all the time. There are a few animals, after all, that start the adorable moments after birth, like this fox cub.

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Newborn Elephant 15 of 18
Adorable baby elephant plays with his mother. Gah. CUTE.

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Newborn Wolf 16 of 18
Wolves are my favorite wild animal. Swooning.

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Newborn Deer 17 of 18
And, of course, you can't leave out BAMBI.

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Drumroll Please... The Ultimate in Cuteness! Newborn Polar Bear 18 of 18
Try not to faint at the adorableness.

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