Newborn Puppy Can't Stay Awake (Video)

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Like babies, puppies can take a good snooze anywhere.

When we brought home our Django from North Shore Animal League in Long Island, NY, she was the most adorable lil sleeper. In fact, she could barely stay awake on her first night home. Well, that is, until I placed her in her crate that night and then she whimpered until I let her snuggle with me in bed  (she has yet to leave that spot).

In Django’s early days, she would sleep anywhere… on the couch, in her bed, on a lap, on a step, or on the floor (during the two minutes she wasn’t getting any attention).

Puppies are like babies in so many ways. You can’t staring at them. They look adorable when they sleep. And they make the most adorable videos.

Check this one out of an incredibly cute pup who just cannot stay awake.

Image: YouTube


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