Penn Vet Center Opens New Training Facility for Working Dogs

This is Sirius, one of the pups in the first class at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center. He's named after the only working dog that died in the 9/11 bombing in New York City.

In honor of the losses our nation suffered on September 11th, 2001, today the Penn Vet Working Dog Center opened it’s brand new training facility with a new crop of seven puppy students all of whom are named after service dogs that helped in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy.

Run by Dr. Cynthia Otto (interviewed today about the center of NPR’s Fresh Air), this new center is helping to address a serious shortage in dogs that can do everything from search and rescue to drug sniffing and service dogs that help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, the first intern of the center is Ashley Crandall, an Iraqi veteran who uses a service dog to help with her mild brain injury and PTSD. She’s hoping to eventually become a veterinary technician.

Hard to believe these cute puppies are future heros, but they are. Check out this cool video of the puppies training!