PetMugging, It's the New Thing!


Social media has brought some super funny things to our lives. We get to share our everyday, our kids, and come up with creative and fun ways to make our photos stand out. When it comes to our pets — they’ve become pretty famous thanks to photo sharing social media like Instagram.

Inspired by the hilarious viral images of #BabyMugging which was created by fellow Babble blogger and super funny friend Ilana from Mommy Shorts, we thought it was time for some of that spotlight to be taken off the adorable babies for one moment and given to our fuzzy, loved pets. Basics of it — you take an image of your pet that makes it look like they’re sitting inside a cup or a mug and let the hilarious ensue.

With the help of Ilana, we asked fellow Instragram users to share images of their dogs and cats sitting in mugs (#PetMugging) and the images are just as cute as could be. I’ve even got my own cat participating and like everything else with my cat Ariel, she’s thrilled to be included.

Check out some of the images shared of pets, petmugging it out like it’s the new thing:

  • Instagram Fun: #PetMugging 1 of 10

    Check out a few of the submissions for #PetMugging! Have your own? Share on Instagram using hashtag #petmugging and tag @AccustomedChaos!

  • Pug in a Mug 2 of 10

    "Cuppa pug"

    Photo shared with permission from hippobrigade | Instagram

  • Ariel in a Mug 3 of 10

    "Doesn't she just look so impressed?"

    Photo shared with permission from AccustomedChaos | Instagram

  • Big Dogs Fit 4 of 10

    "It's hard to fit a whole German Shepard in a mug."

    Photo shared with permission from melarndt | Instagram

  • Nap in a Mug 5 of 10

    "This cracks me up so much."

    Photo shared with permission from hand_czech | Instagram

  • Scared in a Mug 6 of 10

    "She is not amused."

    Photo shared with permission from scritch85 | Instagram

  • Scary Mug 7 of 10


    Photo shared with permission from eveischronicallyillin | Instagram

  • Pup in a Mug 8 of 10

    "Boxer pup in a mug."

    Photo shared with permission from charliesmumm | Instagram

  • Bunny in a Mug 9 of 10

    "My turn.... "

    Photo shared with permission from thenarwhalking26 | Instagram

  • Topped Off in a Mug 10 of 10

    "Whipped topping?"

    Photo shared with permission from tellyb0228 | Instagram

:: Want to share your own PetMugging photo on Instagram? Be sure to hashtag #PetMugging and tag @AccustomedChaos ::

Big thanks to Ilana at Mommy Shorts for the inspiration! Be sure to check out her mega-funny BabyMugging photos and share your own!

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