Pit Bull Adopts Rescued Puppies (video)

You want to snuggle them, don't ya?

When Lori and Brian Griffin rescued the pit bull Darcy, they didn’t realize that she would be more than just a great family pet it turns out she’s also brimming with maternal instincts.

The Griffins decided to foster a littler of tiny rescue pups just a couple weeks old and Darcy leapt right into the fray, keeping them clean and helping them go to the bathroom.


You may have noticed that mom dogs don’t actually use diapers. Instead, mom dogs “stimulate” a puppies bathroom tendencies by licking the pup’s genitals and, yes, then eating the waste. I KNOW. GOOD THING WE’RE NOT DOGS, RIGHT?

Darcy has stepped right into that role, saving the Griffins a lot of help there.

Alright, enough talk. Video!

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