Police Dog Killed In Line Of Duty


Such a sad story.

In a dramatic story that involved a fleeing suspect and a citywide manhunt and included a violent shoot out that cost an innocent bystander his life and wounded two cops, Kilo the canine officer was killed. This all happened in Pendelton, Indiana.

It’s actually a terribly sad story; the dog was injured during the shooting as was his police officer handler. This really upset the dog, according to this story.

Authorities say a police dog that was killed during a shootout in Pendleton was put down by officers after he mistook an officer for an aggressor and attacked him, biting him several times.

Anderson Police spokesman Joel Sandefur says the dog named Kilo reacted after his handler, police officer Marty Dulworth, was shot in the legs Thursday night. He says officers were confronted with a confused dog who was trying to protect his handler and an armed suspect firing on them.

It’s hard to find real numbers, but it appears that about a dozen police canine officers die a year in the line of duty. Sad!

My heart goes out to Kilo and his handler. I hope everyone heals and finds peace.

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