Pretty Kitty Brushes Her Own Fur (Video)

Pretty Kitty Brushes Her Own Fur (Video) via Babble
Getting pretty…

Looking good is everything, darling.

Just ask this pampered kitty.

The cat in this charming video leaps up to its owner who is holding a hairbrush up in the air. Over and over, the cat brushes herself on her head, face and neck.

Sure it must feel good, but it looks like this cat is grooming herself as well. Each side of the cat’s face gets equal time for brushing, left then right, repeat again and again.

The cat adoringly hugs the brush, too but when she’s done, she’s done and walks away confident in her well-coiffed appearance.

We agree with Vetstreet; this is one purrfected beauty routine!

Check out the video here:

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