Puppy and Cheetah Playing At the Zoo (VIDEO)

Image Credit: Flickr/Tambako the Jaguar

One of the things on my life list is to get to touch, play with, and feed a large cat kitten. I came close once a zoo was having a fundraiser where you got to pose with and hold a tiger cub for a substantial donation but I just couldn’t justify the expense. Instead I watched wealthier people gingerly hold the baby tiger while looking terrified. It was a sad day.

At one time, cheetahs dominated the plains of Africa. But thanks to loss of habitat, poaching, and of course a much more fierce competition with other large cats and predators, cheetahs numbers have significantly dwindled.

Zoos and other preservation organizations have been working hard at breeding cheetahs to help keep the species alive, but they’ve been difficult to breed. Interestingly, female cheetahs tend to live a solitary existence while the males congregate in groups.

But as animal husbandry improves, so does the likelihood of adorable videos like this one featuring a black lab puppy cavorting with a cheetah cub appearing. This adorable video is courtesy of the lovely Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio.

Enjoy! My favorite part is the noises the cheetah baby makes. ADORBS.

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