Puppy Eats In A Highchair


Years ago I had the honor of meeting Olaf, an amazing Saint Bernhard that weighed 270 pounds. His head came to my shoulder. Literally. He was amazing.

Sadly, he was staying at the veterinary hospital I worked because he suffered from something called “megaeophagus”; basically, his esophaeus was stretched out and every time he ate his food would get stuck and he would vomit.

The vet I worked for hit upon an innovative solution to fix this; we fed him tiny, easy to digest meals from an elevated surface so that he could keep the food down. It worked, and Olaf went home a happy dog.

It turns out that Starship here and why yes, that is the cutest name for a puppy with those ears ever has the same condition, and the solution? Eating in a high chair.

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