Puppy Falls Face First Into Cactus: Happy Ending When 'Cactus Jack' Gets Adopted

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The poor pup had a bucket full of cactus needles stuck in his face.

This little Yorkie/Terrier mix pup was surely a sight for sore eyes after he fell face first onto a cactus. The Phoenix pup, dubbed ‘Cactus Jack’ was found by a good Samaritan who heard the puppy’s distressful cries and horrifyingly discovered that the dog had become attached to a cactus. The person called the Arizona Humane Society who quickly came to rescue the poor pooch.

While waiting for help to arrive, reports the Huffington Post, the good Samaritan “quickly went to work extracting Cactus Jack and pulling out the sharp spines from his body. By the time AHS arrived, the good Samaritan had nearly filled up a five-gallon bucket with spines.”

The eight-week-old puppy received immediate care and the medical team finished the tedious job of removing each and every cactus needle. Amazingly, despite the amount of needles stuck in his face, his eyes remained unharmed. He was treated with antibiotics and given an otherwise clean bill of health.

When the good people of Arizona heard about this puppy’s plight, a large number of them inquired about adopting him, so the Humane Society held a drawing. The society sold 73 tickets for auction and one lucky winner was chosen yesterday. In addition, at least 8 other dogs were adopted from the shelter the same day.

Look at how beautiful Cactus Jack looks now:

cactus jack, cactus jack gets adopted, Arizona Humane Society, terrier mix falls on cactus, animal rescue
Cactus Jack has recovered and been placed in a loving home.

Images: Arizona Humane Society

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