Puppy Has a Strange and Unusual Talent [Video]


Puppy Has a Strange and Unusual Talent [Video]Do you have any strange and unusual talents?

Ones that won’t really get you anywhere or do anything for you, but still awesome to brag about from time to time?

I have really flexible joints and can pull my fingers backwards to a crazy point. I can also wiggle my nose and ears and roll my tongue. That’s what I mean about pointless talents that do nothing but give you something to show off.

My cats don’t really have too many talents, unless of course you consider sleeping for crazy amounts of time a talent. I don’t.

When it comes to dogs though, they seem to have a real knack for fun and unusual talents. You have dogs who can sit on command, roll over, play dead. Dogs who can jump high in the air and then you have this dog… and his strange and well, pointless talent.

Photo credit: adapted from screenshot JGottz5/YouTube

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