Rehab Center for Dogs and Guess Where it is...

FYI - those cucumbers aren't going to help the under-eye bags if he uses them like that.
FYI – those cucumbers aren’t going to help the under-eye bags if he uses them like that.

A rehab center for dogs with something of a spa component (they have massages and a pool); you know that bad boy’s in Los Angeles.  Okay, there are a lot of jokes that come to mind, but really, the Two Hands Four Paws Canine Massage and Rehab Center is a pretty amazing place.

Two Hands Four Paws offers a plethora of services for dogs who have been injured as well as for dogs who are sick, elderly, or overweight.  There is water therapy, underwater treadmills, gym exercises, physical therapy, massages, and weight loss management.  For fun, there is a Sunday Human/Dog Swim Day.

There are even some offerings you wouldn’t expect like Reiki treatments and accupuncture.  You can click here  for a video tour of the largest wellness center in California and to read more about the center.

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