Renting When You Have Pets Can Be An Uphill Battle


Renting When You Have Pets Can Be An Uphill BattleAny pet lover who has ever searched for an apartment knows that renting when you have pets can be an unnerving endeavor. Years ago when I searched for apartments in New York City, I encountered the “No pets allowed” clause regularly. Sometimes, I’d call a real estate office or answer an ad to see an apartment only to be told at the viewing that no pet of any kind was allowed. I also had at least two real estate agents tell me that finding an apartment in NYC which allowed pets would be a journey. I had many more real estate agents just never call me back after asking if I owner a pet or not. Others told me to just not mention it to the owner. If I had a cat, I could get away with it, they’d say.

Thankfully, now many owners and buildings are allowing pets in their rentals. I know several people who have cats and dogs (some of them large but most of them small-sized) and rent their apartments. But it is certainly not all well on the renting front when it comes to animals.

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