Saved! Kitten Rescued from Inside Home's Walls (Video)

Stuck Kitty!

This video? For me, it brings up far more questions that answers. A YouTube viral hit, this somewhat grainy footage shows a small tuxedo kitten being rescued from a home in South Florida.  The kitten’s savior – who reportedly heard the cat meowing – took a knife and sawed through the drywall to get the tiny kitty out. A happy ending indeed, just taking one of the cat’s nine lives.

But I want to know, how did the kitten get into the wall? Is it a wild kitten or does it have a home? Is the house under construction, is that why they’d be so willing to carve a whole in the wall? And last but not least – is the kitten’s name Spats? With those white paws, it would be a perfect name.

Check out the video here and see if you can come up with any of the answers.

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