Scariest Or Funniest Dog You'll Ever See


Scariest Or Funniest Dog You'll Ever See How does your dog ‘ask’ to be let in? My lab Django, will just jump on the back door to be heard but my Chihuahua, Hayley will patiently whimper if she is left out too long.

If by chance, it starts raining or is very windy, they will both go out, do their business, and then do their best to be let back in. A jump or two on the door and they get let back in to the cozy confines of our home. If they hear us preparing their food, they will go manic to get back in, as they must eat… now!

Still, they are pretty tame in the ‘let me in’ category. This dog, a French bulldog is anything but laid back about gaining reentry to his house.

The cute pooch in this video quite possibly is the scariest, or the funniest dog I have ever seen. He lets out a raspy shriek of indignation at the thought of being kept outside. It sounds like a disturbed Louis Armstrong mixed with “The Exorcist”.

One thing is for certain: that noise must get his owner’s attention every single time!


Image: YouTube

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