Screaming Goats Star in Mash-Ups With Usher, Taylor Swift, and More!


The Best Screaming Goat Mash-Ups: Usher, Taylor Swift, Taio Cruz, Bon Jovi (via Babble)If you haven’t seen the two-minute super-cut video of Goats Yelling Like Humans, you need to go do that now. I’ll totally wait. Go ahead. Click here.

Okay, now that you’re back, here are my favorite mash-ups of the yelling goats and pop songs. There are a slew of these on YouTube.Some of them are horrrrrible.

Not surprisingly, it takes more than just splicing a screaming goat into a pop video to make things funny. It needs to really work with the song. You have to choose the yelling goat with the right pitch. The timing has to be right.

Because I forgot to take my Adderall this morning I love you, I just slogged through pretty much every “Goat Edition” song on YouTube. Here are the four best:

Taylor Swift, “I Knew You Were a Goat When You Walked In”


Usher, “Yeah, You’re a Goat”


Taio Cruz, “Dynamite/This Goat Came to Dance, Dance, Dance”


Bon Jovi, “Throwback Goat: Living on a Prayer”


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