Adorable Service Dog and His Little Girl

British service dogs being taught to use ATMs

Today service dogs do far more than just assist the visually impaired (although they still do that, of course). They also help people get warnings about seizures, help people in wheelchairs, and even offer emotional support.

It’s amazing how much they can do. They can even operate cash machines at banks after all, those wall mounted ATMs would be challenging for someone in a wheelchair to reach.

But what can be even more awesome is how they can help little kids like this little girl who needs someone to carry her oxygen tanks so she can run and play like a normal kid.


Alida, who is three, suffers from neuro endocrine cell hyperplasia of infants, a particular lung disease that makes it challenging for the lungs to transmit oxygen to the body. She often needs an oxygen tank to assist her breathing, and it can be hard to run and play while lugging heavy equipment behind her. Her father hand built a small cart for her, but it was still heavy.

So that’s when Mr. Gibbs steps in. 

He’s her best friend. Not only does he carry the oxygen, but he can go down the slide, chase a ball, and remain calm even while surrounded by huge numbers of small children.

A real miracle dog.

For more on the story, enjoy the video below.

And get your tissues out.

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