Shark Week! Roomba-Riding Shark Cat Rides Again (Video)


Shark Week: Roomba-Riding Shark Cat Rides AgainRemember the awesome video of the cat in a shark costume chasing a duckling while riding a Roomba? Just in time for Shark Week, we have an excellent follow-up shark cat video. No duckling this time, just the cat in the shark costume…riding the Roomba vacuum. Just riding it round and round the kitchen.

I’m not sure which aspect of this situation is the most surprising: that the cat isn’t trying to gnaw off the shark costume, that the cat likes riding the Roomba, or that the cat doesn’t even seem to mind when the Roomba bumps into the walls.

I’m also not sure why I find the whole thing so hilarious, but I do.



[videopost src=’’]


(Photo Credit: YouTube/TexasGirly1979
(via: Laughing Squid)


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