Signs Your Cat May Acutally Be a Dog [Video]


catMy brother has this cat who has been around for I think, 12 years. I am a total “cat person” and before my brothers cat I had not met one I didn’t like.

I was surprised too that this new cat was not one I wanted to be around. He is cute and looks like a cat, but there was something about him that I just couldn’t connect with.

Then, it was pointed out to me that his personality matches something other than a cat and it all made sense.

This cat was really a dog.

I am not a dog person, though I play with the idea of getting one — when I see a cat, I want it to act like a cat and this one didn’t. Those weird-to-me qualities that I couldn’t connect with totally fit the personality of a dog and all made sense in the world.

I came across this video on YouTube that outlines 8 signs your cat may actually be a dog — maybe things will become more clear to you about a cat in your life.

Photo credit: adapted screenshot krmkrmncomedy /YouTube
Source: YouTube

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