Simply Amazing: New Zealand SPCA Teaches Dogs To Drive Cars

Simply Amazing: New Zealand SPCA Teaches Dogs To Drive Cars via Babble
You can bet this proud pooch obeys all the driving laws.

You know those people who look down on shelter pets? The ones who say that they will get their pet only from a reputable pet store? Well, they couldn’t be more wrong on two counts. First of all, reputable pet stores don’t sell puppies because stores who do get their animals from cruel puppy mills and have no concern for their well-being, other than to make a fast buck.

Secondly, shelter animals not only become some of the sweetest members of the family, but many are highly intelligent and trainable. The New Zealand SPCA knows this and wanted to change the public’s awareness and view of the typical shelter dog, so they decided to teach a few adoptable dogs something a bit tough. The goal: prove the simple yet overlooked fact that bringing home a dog from a shelter can one of the best things you’ll ever do.

Three average, mixed-breed dogs were selected and began daily training exercises to learn the basics of driving. Yes, driving. Eight weeks later, Porter, Monty, and Ginny “were put behind the wheels of an adapted Mini Cooper and took to putting it into gear, accelerating and steering.” 

Auckland SPCA CEO Christine Kalin says these dogs prove the aptitude and brain power of your typical shelter pooch:

“They are very intelligent, but they aren’t any more special than any of the other SPCA dogs. Our dream would be throughout our major cities and across Australasia will be people will be proud of owning a rescue dog.”

I’m willing to bet they drive better than most humans?

Watch the amazing video below.

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